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Restore your engine's power and fuel efficiency!

  • Notice a loss in acceleration or power?

  • Notice your engine hesitating, idling rough or stalling?

  • Get fewer miles of driving per gallon of fuel?

  • Do you worry that you may not pass your next MOT test?

  • Engine management lights or black smoke? 

We can help with all those problems !

Please check below to see how it works, what are the benefits and what equipment we use to deliver the best Mobile Engine Carbon Cleaning service to our customers.

Engine Block Pressure Testing


The Engine Carbon Clean system works by utilising dissolved water and potassium acid to make pure hydrogen which progress through the air intake of an engine and out throughout the exhaust system as a gas, helping to extinguish the excess carbon that leads to poor running issues.

It is a straightforward and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of dangerous chemical products. We suggest using the Engine Carbon Clean service as part of your vehicle’s frequent maintenance schedule.

Car Engine
Mechanics at Work


  • Repaired driveability problems

  • Eliminated hesitations, hard starts, rough idling or lack of power

  • Reduced harmful emissions

  • Lower smoke opacity

  • Improved fuel economy

  • Increased gas mileage

  • Restored “new car” performance

The results of carbon cleaning are vast and may vary with each individual due to driving habits, age and state of vehicle, and many other reasons.

Generally speaking on average, you should save up to 15% in fuel costs (some of our customers have saved up to 50% in fuel economy), 70% reduction in harmful emissions, up to 20% increase in performance, and up to 20% reduction in engine noise.

The overall savings are enormous and far exceed the cost of cleaning, so it will pay for itself in the first few months.


We use the highest powered PURE HHO machines on the market which are able to generate flow rate 300 Litres+ of the highest quality Hydrogen output allowing efficiently quick engine cleaning up to 18 000cc.


We DO NOT use your car battery to power up our machines. We use either a power generator or extension leads (if there is a power source available)


Machines powered from the car's battery which are being used by many of our competitors take much longer to produce same amount of hydrogen and they can also affect your battery life. 

Tech Solutions Illustration


References From Real Customers

“I had my BMW 320d done last week. It was feeling a little sluggish. I arranged an appointment with Pro Engine Clean and their technician arrived spot on time.  He was very helpful and explained the way the service worked. After I had it done I took the car for a run out. The power is amazing and running like brand new. Highly recommend. I will definitely be using this service again. Great job guys”

Andrew Pearson, Northampton

Had my Range Rover done yesterday. Noticed the difference straight away in throttle response turbo boosted straight away no lag. Engine was much quieter. And the general drive was alot smoother. The lad that done my car was great aswel took his time to go through the process with me.     Thank you


Liam Spencer, Bedford

Excellent service and van feels like a new van again. Technician was very friendly and knew exactly what he was talking about - will defo be recommending to my friends and family first class service!

Alan Waters, Birmingham

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