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Land Rover Discovery 2.0 with red Exhaust Filter Full visit dealer message and P2463-00 and P246B-00

DPF Issues are very common on the Land Rover Discovery cars especially if the car is driven for short distances only. On this occasion the customer has told us that she has only been driving the car to school (5 mins away) and back and then when the orange Exhaust Filter Full warning came on she has ignored it.

Because the car was driven with the red warning for nearly a month the DPF filter was quite badly blocked (exhaust back pressure at 70 mbar on idle and the soot level at 106%).

We had to get underneath of the car to get to the DPF filter on this car and clean it out but after the clean the backpressure went down to 4 mbar, all the warning lights were gone and the car was back to full performance.

The customer has promised to take the car on the longer journey every couple of weeks and when the orange Exhaust Filter Full message comes on. We have provided her with the warranty and few useful tips about the maintenance of her car. She was extremely pleased with the results of our work and our customer service.

At Pro Engine Clean we make sure to provide the best quality of service for all of our customers. For more information please feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 07312937700.



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